Absurdities of Atheism: Meditations On Believing by Daniel Keeran

Religious Philosophy

By Daniel Keeran

Library of Congress regulate quantity: 2009936698

This quantity asserts that if there is not any God then convinced absurdities stick to. for instance, people own no targeted price, there is not any target morality, the life of humanity has no that means. with no the transcendent, goals and values are delusions of the human species. the knowledge required for the elaborate complexity of the universe from the one phone to the constitution of the cosmos, has no contributor within the absence of a transcendent intelligence. within the yr of his demise in 1955, the respected scientist Albert Einstein clarified his previously ambiguous perspectives: "My faith involves a humble admiration of the illimitable more advantageous spirit who unearths himself within the moderate information we can understand with our frail and feeble minds. That deeply emotional conviction of the presence of a high-quality reasoning energy, that's printed within the incomprehensible universe, varieties my concept of God" (Calaprice, ed., The Quotable Einstein, pp.195-6).

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