Anunnaki Ulema: Origin, Classes and Stories of their by Maximillien de Lafayette

By Maximillien de Lafayette

The e-book includes:
1.Atabukha “Darja”. different types, periods and degrees of the Anunnai Ulema.
a-The Noubahari “Noubarim”, “Noubari”, “Noubaha’;
b-The Mou-Na.rin “Mounawariin”, “M’Noura-Iin”;
c-The Gayir-Mirayin “Gayrmirayim”;
d-The Ari-Siin “Arishim”.
e-History of the Anunnaki Ulema (Knights of St John of Malta, The Templars, The clever males of Arwad, and Hiram-Grand Orient Masonic Rites’ members)
f- The Emim have been a gaggle of the Anunnaki “Fallen Angels”, and participants of a tribe which challenged the authority of Anu on the earth. They have been vast, and terribly robust. The Emim have been feared by means of the Phoenicians and the Hebrews. in response to the Anunnaki-Ulema, the Emim have been the 1st extraterrestrials to shape-shift.
2.Ay’inbet: the higher classification of the Anunnaki is governed by means of Baalshalimroot. His topics are known as “Shtaroout-Hxall Ain”, (Shtatroot Kha-Ayn” that means the population of the home of information, or Tthose who see clearly.” Their eyes should not just like people’ eyes, as the Anunnaki shouldn't have a retina. Their actual eyes are used to understand dimensional items. whereas their “inner eye” sees multi-dimensional spheres. the method is created by way of the brain.
3.Gizzidu-ra: Gizzidu-ra is a bankruptcy within the publication of Ramadosh, and is the reason our religions hyperlink to the Anunnaki, and describes the features of the Anunnaki gods and goddesses. The bankruptcy tells us that every thing began with the Anunnaki who've created in the world, religions, priesthood hierarchy, and worship rituals.
4.Hugari-Darja and the composition of the 3 worlds or universes: Hugari-Darja is an expression bearing on the 3rd point of an Anunnaki-Ulema’s education. extra accurately, it's the code or the identify given to the Anunnaki-Ulema “Third measure of Initiation.” primarily, it really is an orientation application resulting in the activation of the “Conduit”, this enigmatic invisible mobilephone genetically created via the Anunnaki, and put in within the brains of early people firstly of time. The Conduit, as soon as activated can produce supernatural powers and schools. A scholar who has accomplished the Hugari-Darja turns into able to gaining knowledge of notable deeds, similar to, to call a couple of, teleportation, materialization, dematerialization, levitation, telekinesis, cells’ self-reproduction, getting into a parallel measurement, examining others’ strategies, so on.
5.Huina-Ta’h-Ra: All Anunnaki scholars are required to purify their our bodies ahead of beginning their process stories, really the 1st level, known as “Mental Cleansing”. this is able to have stimulated an historical culture created via the Jewish scribes, due to the fact that earliest occasions, who needed to purify their physique prior to including the identify of God into the Torah.
7.Kah-Doshar-Ra: it's an adjective attributed to “Students of the holy power or resource of life.” Kah-Doshar-Ra is the second one component to an Anunnaki’s lecture room, and its code is ‘18.’ This part has eighteen rows, each one seating one apprentice. it's reserved to mid-level Anunnaki’s scholars. In Freemasonry, it really is the exact same factor; mid-level freemasons obtain the measure ’18.’ With them, Kah-Doshar-Ra grew to become Kadosh. Many Semitic and historical close to East-Middle East languages have a notice very like it.
8.Nephilim (As Fallen Angels).
9.Rafaat’h. Anunnaki, Phoenicians, and the idea that of God.
10.Rephaim or Rpum. The Rephaim within the Bible.
11.Satana-il, “Shaytan”.
12.Various meanings in numerous historic texts and religions.
13.Angels of God within the Judeo-Christian scriptures and historical religions.
16.Rekh-get-Amen, and the Anunnaki-Ulema notable deeds/faculties.
17.Unusual deeds of the Anunnaki-Ulema.
18.Anunnaki-Ulema, Grand grasp Li.
19.Anunnaki-Ulema Cheik Al Huseini.
20.Anunnaki-Ulema Rabbi Mordechai.
21.Stories in regards to the Anunnaki-Ulema.
22.Master Li calming down a cobra on the street of Benares.
23.Making a fowl from paper.
24.Master Li feeding the fish and birds with meals that got here from nowhere.
25.The Tuareg and the magic

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